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Study at University of California Berkeley: What You Need To Know

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Study at University of California Berkeley: What You Need To Know

UC Berkeley’s History

This institution was founded in 1868 and celebrated its bicentennial in 2016. It is one of the most highly regarded research universities in the United States and currently enrols more than 23,000 undergraduate and nearly 6,000 graduate students. It has also witnessed several political uprisings, such as the anti-Vietnam War movement, the Free Speech Movement, and the Black Panther Party. Berkeley is also considered a hub of politically engaged campus communities, which share a pride of place in the cultural and intellectual mainstream of the American public.

The University’s Campus and Facilities

Gross Memorial Coliseum, better known as The Farm, is the largest on-campus arena in the U.S. and home to the California Golden Bears. The Farm seats up to 27,000 people and has hosted numerous Olympic events such as figure skating, figure skating, and ski jumping. It’s often called “The House That Jack Nicholson Built”, which is fitting for anyone that’s seen his famous basketball video game commercial. The ad, spoofed by various companies, showed Nicholson shooting hoops in the lot adjacent to the building. The ad was shot on a basketball court in an alleyway at Bancroft Way and Durant Avenue. This year’s football team is coached by Sonny Dykes, a former Texas Tech and Louisiana Tech head coach.

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What You Need To Know

Recent demographic changes and language shifts are bringing California’s demographics into question and its political structure. A state that once voted Democrats in 96 per cent of elections has started to see the emergence of a conservative majority. According to Politico, in 2014, Republicans will have almost 25 per cent of the state’s voters, their largest share of voters in 35 years. How Can We Protect California’s Constitution? With this data, the argument over the state’s politics starts to hit home. First, how can we protect the state’s constitution? The California legislature has a chance to strengthen the people’s role in a democracy. Here are a few ways that the constitution could be changed to help re-balance political power.

Why Attending UC Berkeley?

As a result of some recent events, there is a growing anti-Israeli sentiment on some college campuses throughout the United States. To illustrate, one such incident occurred at Harvard University last month, when several pro-Palestinian students disrupted a lecture given by Harvard Professor of Political Science Daniel Drezner, a senior fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. So while more than 35,000 students are currently enrolled at UC Berkeley, the growing anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian sentiment may make it a place that lessens students’ ability to express their political views while possibly leading to acts of anti-Semitism. The cost of attending UC Berkeley may also be a concern.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Perhaps the only college that could rival the excitement of a traditional university setting is California State University (CSU). Some of the most common universities affiliated with the CSU are Long Beach, Riverside, Fresno, and Los Angeles. The reasons why a student opts to attend a CSU are largely due to the high-quality programs being offered and the relatively low cost. A first-year college student can get in on the ground floor of tuition and fee reduction through the Golden 1 Center, which provides valuable perks for students, including a fully equipped lounge, media room, computer centre, and Wi-Fi.

Admission Requirements

All university applicants in California are generally required to fulfil at least one of the following requirements: You have at least a 2.5 GPA for the class of 2014 at the high school level (freshman to senior year) You have at least a 35 on the ACT You have at least a 30-50 ACT composite score You have a score of 1400 or better on the SAT. The ability to get into the public university system depends on an undergraduate GPA of 2.20 to 3.00 and a UC College Select Test score of 1380 to 1500. The Admission Process First, you need to be admitted to one of the state’s 33 public universities. Then you must attend one of its 11 state colleges (an alternative system to UC or CSU) and must meet minimum academic requirements.

How To Apply

Make sure you have all the necessary contact information. Fill out an online form at StudentVista and follow the links to the student portal (the program is restricted to first-time students). For more details, view the official FAQs. To view the CAHES registration and payment requirement, click here. If you have any questions or concerns about your eligibility, you can call Student Services at 530-756-9560.

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